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Dear Moms,

After becoming a first-time mom, I went shopping at my local mall, daughter in tow, looking for fashionable new clothes. I quickly discovered nothing fit like it used to, and I felt out of touch with trends. After wrangling a fussy baby in a dressing room, I left defeated, empty-handed and with a feeling that stores didn’t understand my new life as a mom.


Then I began thinking…


What if there was a retail brand that understood a mom’s life? What if there was a store where moms left refreshed, styled, confident and inspired?

My dreams about a store for moms became reality when my husband and business partner, Mike, and I took a giant leap of faith and opened our first store in Minnesota in 2004.

We believe moms can change the world - Megan Tamte

Whether you are a mom, you want to be a mom or you have a loved mom in your life, we are thinking about you on our journey to become the world’s most beloved retailer for moms.

Because we lead with our hearts, I hope you will notice this difference when you walk in our stores, shop online or sign up for Trendsend. Thank you for being a part of this wild and wonderful adventure – we’ve only just begun.

With Heart,

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Megan Tamte


Megan and Family
What makes us mom specialists
our hearts


Our deep respect for moms drives us to go beyond selling clothes, we want to serve our moms by seeking to understand what she needs. We give our hearts in every step of the Evereve experience.

our styling


We are on a mission to inspire every mom to embrace her beauty and power. Our personal styling experience is essential to this journey. Our stylists consider body type, fit and lifestyle for every mom we serve to create “wow” moments in our stores and through Trendsend.

our products


Our assortment is carefully chosen with the modern, fashion-loving mom in mind. We curate the latest trends and products, and partner with leading designers in the contemporary market to deliver clothing and accessories (much that is exclusive to us) that make moms look both hot and wholesome.

our locations


We know a mom’s life is busy. We want to keep fashion accessible and we are expanding to meet moms’ shopping needs three ways: walk into one of our over 80 stores, shop our inspiring website and subscribe to our styling box service, Trendsend.